About Lynette


I'm just a girl, who admires the beauty of floral design and interior decor, and wants to share it with you- my community! STYLED by Lynette was created out of a long time dream to own a "Mom and Pop Shop".

A little about me, Lynette:

I was raised in Sedgewick and moved to Red Deer after High School. Met my husband, had two beautiful daughters and moved my family back to Sedgewick five years ago. I said I would never move home, but here I am and loving it! You can't beat raising a family in a small town setting.

I live for my morning coffee, chocolate, good visits with friends, a cozy sweater, music playing in the background, white wine, a good landscape view, walks and simple, funny jokes.




STYLED by Lynette is a passion driven business offering Modern Seasonal Florals for the person who appreciates and admires the little things in life.

STYLED by Lynette has been in the making for over 30 years. From her early years, Lynette Hayes has always been drawn to interior styling, playing with flowers and she loved visiting small gift shops and meeting the owners. It is these experiences of meeting sweet and passionate business owners that inspired Lynette to have a studio of her own!

From watching the driven, successful entrepreneurs intertwined throughout her life, and with the support of her husband and daughters, Lynette took the leap and started STYLED by Lynette in June of 2020. Finding the right home/family/work life balance is important to her, so it was an easy decision to turn her garage into her workspace studio.